Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sending Out a SOS

So, wasn't it about a week ago when I said I was finally feeling better? Well, I spoke too soon.

I got sick again Thursday. There was no playing around this time peeps. I ended up in the hospital. With pneumonia.

How ya' like them apples?

I'm home now and am feeling a bit better. Lets just say this shit is no fun nor is it a joke.

I can't begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have such great friends, that are my family too, that surround me. That have been taking care of me. That have been there for me. I love you all.

Marie, I will forever be grateful for you listening to your inner voice and coming to my rescue and convincing me that yes, indeed, my butt needed to go to the hospital. You are an angel among mortals and truly are a lifesaver.

Kyla, You are my soul sister and everything you've done in the past and especially right now means the world to me.

Marisol, You are a fantastic support, outstanding friend, and a fantastic gentle soul.

Ace, You are an amazing man who is going to make some woman very happy and lucky once she finds you and you find her. Keep those calls coming, even when I don't answer them. Your essence warms my heart and keeps my soul singing.

Walker, Always there with a helping hand. No questions asked. No explanations needed. Another angel among mortals.

And in case y'all are wondering, and I know you are, Pete has been here too. He took care of me for a bit Saturday morning before the worst of everything hit, has been checking in when he can't physically be here, stayed with me pretty much all day today, and calls about every two hours to make sure I'm good.

T and JP I know if you were closer you'd be here too.

For those of you who pray, will you keep me in your prayers? I'm not out of the woods yet and I need all the good energy I can get. Plus, I am really concerned there is something more going on with me. I mean come on. What 34 year old otherwise healthy women gets sick as easily and as often as I have since late September?

When I go back to my primary care doctor in 4 weeks for a follow up chest x-ray and check up, I have requested a complete physical instead of waiting until July, which is when I normally get my physical and yearly. I want it all tested. I need to know if there if there is something going on that I need to treat. This is getting out of control in my eyes. Know what I mean?

Whew. I'm pooped peeps. I'll be back later in the week.

Peace and Love.

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kimmyk said...

Sorry to hear you're a sickie. [AGAIN!]

You are blessed to have such a good support system around you.

Hey I don't have your email, but I wanna know what the 'secret' recipe is. LOL.