Sunday, February 25, 2007

Set Me Free

Breaking out tomorrow!

I've been on lock down since I got out of the hospital Monday. I've had visitors and all of my basic needs taken care of so no real complaints here other than...I am going freaking crazy being confined to my home for days on end.

You take someone who is normally on the go all the time and "lock 'em up" and see what happens.

My mind has been playing tricks on me. I've been ultra sensitive. Oh wait, could that have something to do with not feeling good and Aunt Flo visiting for 2 freaking weeks?

All I do is sleep, cough, take meds, sleep, cough, read, sleep, cough, watch a little bit of tv, sleep, cough. Get what I am saying?

Tomorrow I enter the world of people again. I am back to work. For 8 hours only.

You know what is going to happen right? I am going to enter the office, sit down to start checking all the emails that have been piling up, try to catch up a bit, and I am going to want to come home.

To sleep. To cough. To sleep. To cough some more.

Wish me luck peeps. For those of you with your health, be thankful. Don't take it for granted. Seriously.

Peace and Love.


CuteBeachGirl said...

what's up with all the dead space the end of your last two post. that's totally creeping me out. fix it b.

Mo said...

It is the dang new blogger and my love of hitting the space bar.

I'm working on it woman. I promise ya' because it is annoying me.