Thursday, February 08, 2007

Didn't Think It Could Get Much Worse

I know we are all tired of my whining but honestly, as embarrassing as this is, I need to share it with you.

Remember how I said I wasn't feeling so well the other night? How I went to the evil store to pick up Airborne so I could kick it's ass, whatever it might be?

Did it work? Nooooo. It most certainly did not. I have the lovely stomach crap that is going around in Washington and I most likely spread that crap to Oregon too.

Yep peeps. I've got the runs and the vomit to go along with it too.

That's not the worst of it. I am driving back to Washington and am on the phone with Pete when I get this urge to upchuck. I mean I couldn't hold it in. I am stuck in traffic. I can't pull over. I can't open the door because the HOV lane is moving along nicely thank you very much.

So, what is a girl to do in a situation like this? Ask her man to hold the line and puke in her blanket, down her pullover, and a little bit on her Wal Mart khakis.

That's some sexy shit a'int it? A grown ass woman puking on herself in broad daylight.

We get off the phone and a little bit later I call my girl T because I owed her a call and to be honest I was looking for a little sympathy.

I proceed to tell her what just happened and she laughed at me. That's how my beaotches roll. I am sure if she called and told me the same thing I would have laughed at her too because that is how we do. It was laughter in love so don't be hating on her.

I get off the phone with her because I have to upchuck again and proceed to call the doctor. I am told this is going around and no RX will be given but get some Immodium AD and to eat a bland diet for the next week or so. Ya' know, broth, applesauce, crackers, soup, potatoes, drink lots of fluids, and be sure to get some gatorade too.

Hey, maybe I'll lose some weight.

So, I stop by a gas station, puke in their bathroom sink, pick up some gatorade, and fork over $6.00 for 6 Immodium AD tablets.

I get back on the road, pull over many more times to do what I need to do, and make it home much later than I should have.

I had to hit up three stores to find some more Immodium AD. I didn't think the 4 remaining tablets would last the next 4 days as the doc said I would be feeling nauseous for the next 4-5 days and the Immodium AD would help if it got to be too bad.

The pharmacist at one of the stores wished me luck in finding the meds as the stomach thing has hit hard around these parts.

Naw, really. You don't say? Don't you see the puke on my shirt and the look on my face?

Dee Dee Dee. Here's Your Sign.

Anyway, when I finally did get home, Pete was waiting for me with some broth, crackers, applesauce, and apple juice. He kissed me on my forehead, told me to get some rest, and proceeded to head back home. No sense in us both getting it right?

How am I doing today? No vomit. A little bit of the runs and I am nauseous as all get out.

To make matters worse, I had to switch to the new blogger today and the love kitty won't get off my tummy. I know she wants to cuddle and can tell I don't feel good but for the love of god, why won't she curl up on my neck or something? Oh wait, when I had strep before she was on my neck so maybe she is just trying to send her vibes to the source of the problem.

Anywho, keep sending me good vibes. I'm going to need them until I get this shit out of my system. Literally.

Peace and Love Peeps. May you and yours stay healthy.


kimmyk said...

oh that sounds bad!
gosh i hope you're feelin better!!!

take care of yourself. poor thing.

Mo said...

Me wants KimmyK to come and baby me.