Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Taking A Moment

So there I am last night rinsing out a mug and it hits me.

I have running water available to me any time I choose.

I have the option to open my fridge and select from a number of choices provided I've stocked up.

I have the luxury of having grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, etc. literally in my backyard.

I can go and get what I want when I want.

Even though I have been sick, I have the blessing of life.

I have access to medical care.

All that hit me like a ton of bricks while I rinsed the decaf chai tea and soy milk from my mug.

It's time for me to express gratitude and be thankful instead of whining like I have been lately.


It's a beautiful thing peeps.

Peace and Love.

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kimmyk said...

We are blessed.