Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Gave It Our Best Effort

We've been trying to get tickets for the last hour. You know. Blowing up multiple computers, having multiple calls going back and forth to see who got what, if anything.

We were willing to pay $225.00 for a ticket. Then we said we'd settle for the $50.00. Just give up the tickets.

Lady luck was not on our side for the Seattle show.

Looks like a scalper might be getting some of our cash down the line.
Damn you pre-sale people snatching up all the tickets ahead of time.

All we wanted was a little PoPo in our life.

1 comment:

kimmyk said...

Well that sucks!

I would say listen to the radio and get 'em on speed dial. They always give away tickets, and I think with big shows like this they [ticketmaster, etc] always holds tickets out til the last minute.

You could always check eBay too. We bought NFL tickets off there-never had a problem.