Friday, February 09, 2007

Boys Can Be So Cute Sometimes

Hotel Mo is open for business this weekend.

Two of my bestest beaotches husband's need a place to crash at some point during the weekend and my place is closest for both of their needs.

I only wish I was feeling 100% for the company but oh such is the life.

Anywho, I am relaying the company coming and Pete went a little girly on me. He says to me, "Wouldn't he (meaning today's arrival) be more comfortable at my house?"

Um, nope. Don't think so. Thanks for the offer though.

I thought it was kind of cute as this was the first time a hint of the green eyed monster showed his colors.

Should I be worried that he didn't take my call earlier today and he hasn't called me back yet?

T, Your man made it safe and sound. I feel bad as I didn't stock the fridge in anticipation of his arrival. As soon as I let him in this afternoon I vacuumed. That's gotta count for something right?

Peace and Love Peeps. I gotta get back to work.


CuteBeachGirl said...

I hate when boys act just like a teenage girl....shit!

kimmyk said...

that says alot about you. i mean that your friends trust you with their husbands etc. some people wouldn't do that.

why dont pete just come sleep over too and you can have yourself a big ole slumber party?

Mo said...

Thanks Kimmy. I do have some of the bestest friends eva' and I like to think I'm a pretty good friend to them too.

Both of these boys, my girls, and their families are family to me. Even though we are all attractive people, I can honestly say I have never thought of being like that with either one of them. Plus, I would never betray any of them like that even if I did feel that way. I know how much pain it can cause.

As for Pete, I offered for him to come over but he graciously declined. If he has an issue with this, we might be talking deal breaker. He did call Friday night...drunk and upset but I think we set the record straight Saturday morning.