Thursday, May 22, 2008


10% of the shows I like to entertain myself with have been cancelled.

4 of these will no longer be on my DVR.

So long Shark. See ya' Women's Murder Club. Adios Cashmere Mafia. Buh Bye October Road

Please TV network peeps, don't think of doing this to Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, CSI, Criminal Minds, The Closer, or Real World. I'll be sad if those are cancelled.

What about you? What do you watch to unwind and numb your brain with? Which ones would make you sad if they were no longer being aired? Speak to me peeps...


kimmyk said...

Lost and Grey's.
Only two shows I watch.

If they go, I'm cuttin' some bitches at ABC.

Cheryl said...

Lost, Grey's, and Brothers and Sisters are my favorites. They better not cancel them! I loved Jericho. I like Ugly Betty. I wouldn't mind watching the show with Christina Applegate...don't know the name. It sounds like I'm a real TV watcher, but it's really infrequently on.

Paolo said...

How I met your mother is hilarious!

and I love the soup.

those would be mine. Oh yeah BTW I won the American Idol pool :)