Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank Goodness

It's Thursday.
Thank goodness is all I have to say.
Wanna' guess why?
Did I just hear you say Thirsty Thursday at our local Cheers?
A Lakers and Spurs game I am sure will be nothing short of exciting and have me on the edge of my seat?
Turning the goose loose with peeps?
Well, if you didn't say those things this is why I am happy it is Thursday. I am looking forward to some good times.
Good times I need tonight.
I like holidays but I don't like squeezing all the work for five days into four, especially when I have a day trip tomorrow, which technically means it is fitting five days into three. And I have to prepare for an out of town week long trip next week too.
I'm not complaining. Really I am not. I am just saying.
I hope you and yours have some good times planned too. We could all use more of them.
But I especially want some tonight because I've been spending entirely too much time alone with my thoughts this week. Self examination is good but too much starts to get me self doubting and thinking.
Good times in the form of Thirsty Thursday, even if it is T's last official one with us, is just what this girl needs.
Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

Aw, enjoy your Thirsty Thursday! I'm sorry you have a long travel week next week. I don't so much mind it once I'm THERE, it's the getting there and back part I hate. But those new lanes at Seatac that separate experienced travelers from the nonexperienced and families are great.

Enjoy your evening -

Brad said...

Hope your having fun tonight your going to have to spill the beans on the name and location of your local 'Cheers' maybe I can talk fiwa into sneaking in with me and surprising you sometime.

Safe journey love!

Cheryl said...

What a surprise it would be to find Fiwa and Brad at your table. Bonnie and I met Karen that way.

Enjoy your night with your peeps. You deserve some fun, light times. You're right about too much self examination.

Mo said...

Thanks Fiwa!

Brad, This could be interesting!

Cheryl, Self examination bites.

Ace C said...

Damn shame!