Friday, May 16, 2008

Prayers Please

I'm asking for your prayers please.
This time it is for Princess.
Last night, or rather I should say this morning around midnight, she had what I thought was, and now has been confirmed, a seizure.
Followed by another at about 1:25 AM and again this morning around 6:30 AM. She could have experienced more while I slept but I don't know.
I dropped her off at the vet's nice and early. So early none of the vets had made it in to the office.
I feel helpless. I can only imagine how y'all feel when something happens to your kids.
Dr. Gray called and said she has also lost about 5 ounces from the last time she was in, which was only a few weeks ago.
I'm telling you, I baby my babies but I think their age is starting to catch up with them.
I hope it is simply an age thing and nothing too serious with her. Regardless, prayers and healing vibes are requested, especially since I just got a call saying she had another seizure and has been put on Valium.
Please and Thank You.
Now to answer a few other questions and reply to some comments.
Kim, *cough* boyfriend crack me up. Dinner was good. It's always good when you're with the people you love and love you right? We snarfed on some bbq courtesy of Famous Dave's.
Brad, Yenta away! June, as of now, I am free except for 06/01, 06/14, 06/21, 06/22, and possibly 06/28, 06/29. You were talking brunch on a weekend day I assume. If so, looks like 06/07 or 06/08 works best for brunch.
Anna, He is 6'5, black hair, brown eyes.
Cheryl, I met the deadlines. A little late but projects completed. Thanks for asking.

As for the rest of the weekend, tonight I would have been attending a going away party for . T has been promoted and will be relocating to an area south of here later this month.
Thirsty Thursday and life in the office just won't be the same without him. As with Ace, I will remain in contact with him but his physical presence most definitely will be missed.
Maricel and I will not be going to the shin-ding as the vet has told me to monitor her tonight and tomorrow. If she has a seizure (she's now had five in less than 10 hours), I have to medicate her. My baby comes before a partay any day of the week.
Saturday day will be spent with the kitties. Y'all know what Saturday night is supposed to hold. Ahem, date night with the man.
Sunday is questionable thus far. A few options but nothing set in stone just yet.
How 'bout you? What do you have going on this fine weekend? Other than wishing my kitty well?


Brad said...

Oh Honny - Big prayers for you baby. email me if you wanna talk/type - bpcrane-at-comcast-dot-net

Summer said...

Poor baby kitty. I'll be praying.

kimmyk said...

awww sorry to hear about your baby.
sending good vibes your way.

that is so hard when your kids are sick isn't it? overwhelming sense of helplessness.

so uh, the *cough* boyfriend. 6'5? does he come with a ladder? cause unless we're horizontal *snort* i'd seriously need a ladder to climb that mountain.

Jamie's 6'1 and there are days when I just don't want to look up anymore so I stare at his man boobs alot.

*good vibes sent your way for your puss 'n boots*

Cheryl said...

I'm definitely hoping your kitty stops the seizures and gets back to being well.

The agenda tomorrow? Who knows!

fiwa said...

Poor kitty - hope all is better now. Sending my prayers -

anna said...

Love to the kitty baby.

6'5? OMFG! He sounds delish!!!!!