Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Princess Update

My baby is doing better. God bless the miracles of modern medicine.
She is on drugs to control her seizures. It causes her to have the munchies something fierce.
The lab work has ruled out infectious diseases as the cause.
The only way to get a full diagnosis is for her to have a MRI.
The MRI will reveal if it is cancer, a tumor, or if she has epilepsy.
The question I have to answer is do I go this route or continue to monitor her to see how she does on the meds over the course of the next couple of weeks?
For now, this is what I am going to do. Thankfully, my travel schedule allows me to be home to monitor her daily, to administer her meds, and feed the insatiable appetite.
I thank you for all of your well wishes, good thoughts, and prayers. Please keep 'em coming as we are definitely not out of the woods yet.


fiwa said...

I'm glad kitty-kins is feeling a little better. So scary - when they can't TELL you what is wrong, what hurts.

I hope whatever it was just blows over.


Mo said...

Thanks sweetie!

Mo said...
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Anonymous said...

You got a pretty cat.....damn, that sounded so dirty..must go shower. love you.