Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Anyone else see the 2 point game between the Lakers and Spurs?
I predicted, after the previous loss, the Lakers would take back game 4, and sho' enough they did!
However, it was entirely too close for my comfort.
It is true. I am pulling for the Lakers even though I am from Texas, which according to Ace, means I should be pulling for the Spurs.
And just because Ray Allen is playing for the Celtics, and I believe he is deserving of a championship, does not mean I am cheering on the Celtics. I am rooting for the Pistons.
Anywho, it was one heck of a game tonight. And I'm just saying if Kobe Bryant can do a behind the head dunk like that during a game, can you imagine what he would and could do in a dunking contest?
This was the first full game I sat down and watched in HD. I've watched bits and pieces before but tonight was the first time I did from start to finish. I just have to say the hype about high def is everything you have heard and then some.
The gleam of lights on the court. The beads of sweat on the players faces. The stitching detail on an announcer's jacket. It's all there. I recommend you think twice before watching an episode of Cops in HD though. There are some things better left to the imagination.
Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

I'm not a sports fan, but man, do I know what you mean about high def sometimes being TMI. You can see every stray hair and blemish on people's skin. But it's nice on the discovery channel.

Anonymous said...

I was knocked out by 9 pm the night this came on...

I'm such an old ass..