Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekly Challenge #30

When is the last time you ran a credit check?

I challenge you do so this week if it has been more than 12 months.

Please stay on top of this very important part of your life.

Identity theft and/or bad credit can ruin the good things in your life.

Requesting the check takes mere minutes.

Your happiness and financial health are worth the time you'll invest in doing this simple act.

Go on now. Back away from the blog and request away...

Edited Sunday evening: This is a good starting point.


kimmyk said...

i actually get my statements online and for some odd reason yesterday i received a paper statement and checked it over and i realized i've been paying 30 bucks a month for the past 3 months for some protection thingy. well, i have fraud protection attached to all my accounts since we got all our information stolen, not once, but twice cause of the army and the state of ohio let's employees take computers home, but that's not my point...anyways, i called and i'll be dipped i had two people doing that. talk about pissed. but it was cool cause chase credited my account.

all is well.

Brad said...

We've been doing it every day since we were robbed - lord knows whatt they may have found/taken - so far so good - Happy Sunday Love!

Cheryl said...

Happy Sunday Mo. Can you tell me how to get the credit check? It's been a few years since I've looked at it!