Monday, May 05, 2008

One of Them Days

It was one of those days.

The kind where things seem to go wrong but end up turning out for the best?

I've had one of those days.

A day I would like to refer to as an uh oh day.

It all started with the fact that at 3:00 AM I was still messing around at home. Without my packing being completed. Or my presentation being completed.

My flight was leaving at 7:40 AM so I needed to leave my place no later than 6:00 AM.

I finally got it all together, grabbed a quick cat nap, and headed out the door.

I made it to the terminal safe and sound. Prior to doing so, I had the pleasure of watching a man totally rip on a rude "I think I am too cute" in my skinny pants, turquoise jacket, stiletto black patent peep toe shoes woman who thought it would be ok to cut in front of both of us at the security check point.

I board and sit down in my dreaded middle seat, which wasn't that bad after all, and start to snooze. Then, 45 minutes into the flight, the announcement is made; there is smoke in the cockpit so we're turning the bird back around to deplane.

Hey, I am all good at this point as I would rather be safe than sorry but really? So much for taking the early flight.

Forty minutes later we get on another plane and off we go. This time the window seat dude didn't get on so I scored the seat. This was all good as I needed to finish my presentation, which at this point was only sketched out in my mind.

I took advantage of the room and the time to get that bad boy done, through the turbulence and all the moaning and groaning other passengers were doing.

Smoke. In the cockpit people. I for one am glad they didn't take a chance and keep on going.

I arrived at my destination to find out my work peeps who left Seattle and Portland well after I did are arriving at the same time I am.

Yep, Mo spent the entire day on a plane. Well, two planes to be exact.

After much coordination, all five us met up to share a taxi van, with a fellow company associate from Denver, to the hotel.

I freshen up and we meet in the lobby to head over to where everyone else is for dinner.

Nothing quite like carne asada on Cinco de Mayo in the great state of Texas.

Well, if I had a margarita, or at the very least a Corona, then it would it would be worthy of saying nothing quite like but nope, there was work to be done post dinner with the dotted line boss man.

We just finished the work and I am tired. And sticky. I'm feeling quite nasty from traveling all day in recirculated air. And I forgot how much warmer it is here than where I call home now.

I'm off like a dirty, black, button down shirt dress. But not before I say thanks for the uh oh day. It ended up working out just fine after all.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

You always have the best attitude about stuff! It makes me check myself from time to time when I feel like having a grumble.

Take care love!

kimmyk said...

omg @ smoke on a plane.
omg that made me choke on my iced tea.

i'm glad you're safe, sheesh.