Sunday, May 04, 2008

This Week In Travel

Guess who is back?

Yeppers. Spanky rides again!

Flat Stanley's time with me has come to an end.

Spanky and I are off nice and early tomorrow morning.

We will be in the dreaded middle seat for the long plane ride we're set to have. I'm hopeful I can get that changed at my official check in but the flight looks full.

I'm going to try to post from the road but this week is booked solid.

Literally y'all. No joke.

7:30 AM start times. A packed full agenda. Evening activities planned. And as is always the case, the normal workload to attend to while absorbing it all, networking, and fitting some sleep in between the scheduled activities.

On the personal front, things are quite good.

Jasmine is very healthy. She's become quite the climber again. Action from her I haven't seen in years. I came home last night to find her on the kitchen counter. The mantle and perching on top of the printer seem to be her spots of late.

Her auntie is being extremely gracious and taking her to the vet for me tomorrow. When I called to make her boarding reservation the staff was giddy to know she was coming in. That in itself gives me peace of mind.

Princess is going to get alone time and special lovings from auntie while her sister and I are away so I am hopeful she will be pretty darn happy. I don't know about her labs yet because every time I take her in, she doesn't have enough urine for a sample. The last round of labs indicated an elevated kidney function. The urine sample is key to ensuring her health. Drats!

So um yes T, she is yet to be shaved. Don't hate. I'm trying!

I know y'all want to know about the man more than anything so I will get right down to it. We had a great week. We were both in town so we were able to connect. Finally right?

After the tulip festival adult field trip, my road dog Maricel went with me Sunday night to watch him and his team play flag football in the shadow of the Space Needle. We then hung at his place for a bit. I went to his place Tuesday night and he came over Thursday night for dinner followed by me heading over to his place. We had a quick dinner together last night.

There was a minor speed bump along the way but I'm glad we hit it. It allowed us to have a conversation about some of the things in the past. Things in the past in which I didn't realize the full extent my previous actions had. Like grown people, we talked it through. Thank you God for putting that situation in front of us is all I have to say.

Before you start wondering why is the woman going to the man's place more often than not, let me preface this by saying he is a true gentleman. However, he is allergic to the kitties.

He tries. Takes a pill and hangs like a champ. But after a few hours, he's done for. Watering eyes. Sneezing. Itchy throat. Nose doing other things.

As much as I'd like to chill here, it's not fun for him and I feel horrible to know my fur babies can have that effect on someone. So off we go, or rather I go, to his place more often than not.

It's no joke. The fact he even tries to deal with it is a fantastic sign in my book. Thursday night after he left, and I followed about thirty minutes later, he was back to normal in his place by the time I arrived. Allergies are PABs. Plain and simple.

So for now, we'll spend more time over there than here.

And speaking of for now, there is packing to do so I've gotta' get on it.

Hope y'all have a great week.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

Happy trails to you (imagine a theme song). A long flight, huh? Where in the world is Mo?

How exciting to be in a relationship. Truthfully...I hardly remember what it's like but I still have hope. The fact that he's so allergic to your feline loves is too bad. Like you said, he's tried and that shows a lot of character.

Have a great week!

anna said...

He's baaack. :)

A man? A man? What man? Who he be? What he doin?

Glad your well, my friend.

Mo said...

I usually here Willie Nelson's On the Road Again. Happy trails fits too.

I'm in the area I used to call home for 27 years...the great state of Texas.

Keep the hope. They, relationships that is, tend to happen when we least expect them to.

He be the man in my life right now. He be someone from my past. What he doin is making this girl happy.

Hope you are well too.

Mo said...

Oh sheesh, now you know I am tired when I type here instead of hear.