Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Can y'all believe it is Wednesday already? This week has flown by! At least for me it has.

I've gotten a few emails from folks who are experiencing difficulty in posting comments here so I thought I would entertain their questions here.

The most common question seems to be about the man. And have we gotten serious yet?

Y'all sure are in a rush for us to be in a committed relationship!

See that bus? With the pretty stop flashing hi?

I appreciate you pulling for it. We're proceeding with caution. Due to my previous travel schedule, company he has in town, and both of our crazy weeks, we have reached the stop portion of things right now.

We will see each other Saturday night and I am hoping my being in town for the next few weeks will lead to us spending more time together and allowing things to develop.

So, I guess the best I can say is hold tight, hang in there, and enjoy the slow ride. I'd rather take it slow than not at all or to rush it and have it fizzle out before it had a chance to go. Y'all know what I am saying here? I hope so because I'm at a loss for words other than what I just wrote.

Other stuff going on 'round these parts is a whole lot of nothing. It's about to get warm as all get out this weekend. I can't wait! It's a long time coming for us. Of course as soon as the heat arrives I'll probably start whining and wish for the coolness again.

I'll just be happy to get some sun. I'm ghostly pale. And it will be nice to see people out and about. We tend to hibernate when the weather is gloomy and cool.

I finally figured out what got on part of my couch and the floor. The source of the mysterious tea like spots has been identified. Can you say bad watermelon juice that leaked out of a trash bag and was transferred to other destinations by the trash? At least I know the source and how to treat it but dang it took me awhile to remember that had happened right before I went out of town this last time.

Later this week I am supposed to get a new fridge. The compressor on my current one is on the way out. Just in time for me to have a full fridge. Why couldn't this have been determined when it was empty? This will be fun to take care of but hey it could be a lot worse right?

I'm gonna' jet for now. I have a few deadlines to finish before I can head over to the other side to have dinner with T and her momma for a belated Mother's Day celebration of sorts.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

Yeah for "boyfriend" updates. *cough* LOL!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner. I'm seeing my mom this weekend as a belated Mom's Day.

Brad said...

Wasn't trying to push, Love, it's just the Yenta in me. What's your travel sched. for next month so we can plan brunch ? I'm thinking Salty's ?

anna said...

At least tell us what he looks like!!! C'mon, please!!!

Cheryl said...

Catching up here. Was the rest of the week good? Get your deadlines finished? Happy Friday...the weekend begins.