Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Challenge #32

This week I challenge you to organize and purge any magazines that possibly are taking over your life, your home, your mind.

I say mind because when I have clutter around me I am not on top of my game. Clutter distracts me.

I have a stack I need to go through. You wouldn't know said stack exists at first glance in my home but trust me, it does.

I have those suckers tucked nicely away in a open face brown leather storage cube under an end table next to my couch.

Here is my line of thought. At one time there was an article or two I wanted to read. If I haven't touched the publication in over six months do I really think I am going to now?

Yea, not so much. So this is the week I am going to pile them up in my vehicle and hit the recycle for charity bin down the street.

Won't you join in with me? I dare you not to.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

No...say I don't have to get rid of the magazines. I have so many stamping ones I haven't read in years. I will, though. One day?

kimmyk said...

i just dumped a shit ton of better homes and garden off at the recycling center.

i'm keeping my photography mags though. i can't throw them away just yet.

Mo said...

Ok, I should have stated in the post we can all keep our hobby mags. I'm not giving those up just yet and don't expect you to do so either. :)