Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evening Seduction

Did I get your attention with the blog title?

If so, I have a feeling I am going to disappoint if you thought I was going talk sexy time with you.

Evening Seduction is the name of my choice for a fall and winter nail polish. Naw, let me correct that, toe nail polish. My stubbies are either bare, coated with a strengthener, or painted a very pale pink.

My toes? This is a whole other story.

The standby is OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress. I also like Red Essence by China Glaze.

Evening Seduction by China Glaze is a very dark purple and almost looks black once it is on. If it is in direct light you can see the purple. I'm getting in touch with my dark side. Ha!

Do you have a color you're digging on currently or an old standby you go to time after time? I'm on the lookout for new color choices so DO TELL!

Peace and Love Peeps.

And yes Ace I kindly accept your thanks for not posting pictures of my feet. Love You. Mean It.


simonsays said...

Ugh --- I want to do something so normal, so mundane as doing my toenails...sometimes I wonder if things will ever be that calm again for me. I love your choice of colors...Thamks for a great post that reminds me that there WILL be normal days ahead.

Just in case you don't know it, I think you are pretty great, a very positive, uplifting person, and you always have just the right thing to say.


fiwa said...

I love that color. Is it OPI?

Brad said...

Ok, this post is too girlie, even for ME!

I'm going to Ace's site....



Live.Love.Eat said...

I'm boring when it comes to toenail polish. Usually a light coral or pastel type. My toenails are as small as my 5 yo so I can go 2 months with them chipped and no one can tell. I was thinking of going green for my son's bday party this weekend. Ben 10 party, green is the color.

CrystalChick said...

OH I so need a mani and pedi but because I do them myself and I'm terribly lazy lately, well, my purple toe polish is peeling terribly. Eeew.

And there will be no evening seduction either until hubby retracts his latest comment. LOL

Ace C said...

Thank God that you didn't put any pictures of your feet on the damn blog.

Kelly Jene said...

I always go for the deepest darkest red I can find... the closest to brick red I can find.

Love that color!

kimmyk said...

loooooove the dark color.

especially for fall! i've noticed though that when i use darker colors my skin tones get all dark red and / or pinky and my fingers look funny.

any idea why?

JJP said...

Remember Bogota Blackberry? Still in my collection!