Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hey, It's Ok!

Do you read Glamour?

I read Glamour.

Something from the September issue cracking me right up is the "Hey, it's ok!" feature this month.

I can relate.

Hey, it's ok!
  • ... to consider Spanx an exercise plan
  • ... to leave it for somebody else to clean up (for once)
  • ...
  • ... to be jealous of Suri Cruise's wardrobe
  • ... to think plain old condoms are perfectly fine. So what if they don't glow in the dark?
  • ... to ask for ketchup for your aged porterhouse
  • ... to not let your nephew beat you at Candy Land. The kid's gotta' grow up eventually.
  • ... to still not be able to drive a stick
  • ... to ask every one of your friends for your advice, then do exactly the opposite.

Speak it Glamour. Speak it!

  1. I have often relied on Spanx
  2. I wish I had someone to clean up after me from time to time
  3. I have been that ticked off before
  4. I'm not jealous. I'm irritated. The amount of money TomKat spends on Suri's wardrobe could feed at least a few villages.
  5. Glow in the dark is overrated
  6. Work husband will feel vindicated and more than likely remind me of this the next time I roll my eyes and snicker when he asks for ketchup with his dead cow
  7. Um, I've won because I could before and you gotta' teach them a win is not given, it's earned
  8. Still haven't mastered the clutch thing
  9. Been there. Done that. Have the T-Shirt to show for it.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

I don't read Glamor but loved this. Is it a monthly feature?

And, btw, thank you!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I haven't bought the mag in a while but I do enjoy it. Interesting list - I have to google Spanx now. And it's still not OK to put ketchup on a porterhouse :)

Mo said...

Cheryl, It indeed is a monthly feature. And thank you for the thank you. Sheesh, this could go on and on, which wouldn't be a bad thing...

Steph, Spanx rocks. As a matter of fact, I will be sporting a pair under my jersey, sleevelss, faux turtleneck black dress today. How's that for knowing exactly what I am wearing?

And just for giggles, I will be wearing a black bra with mathcing black and leopard print thong. Heels? Haven't decided what I am feeling yet. Might be the black standby heels or since I am feeling frisky, maybe the patent leather heeled sandals or patent leather red with black heel stilletos. LOL

And I agree steak is never ok on a porterhouse but I gave up a long time ago in trying to get him to back away from the ketchup.

Brad said...

Morning Love-

Had to google Spanx, reminds me of why I like being a boy.

It's suppose to be a great day weather wise - how you get to enjoy some of it!


kimmyk said...

i haven't bought glamour in forever. well, ever since i had teenagers who read my mags. i'm always afraid of what might get read in those mags sometimes. LOL!

Suri's wardrobe does rock.

I had to laugh at the one about cause I do it all the freakin time!

Leann said...

Hi Mo, I'm a Brad fan and wandered over to check out the blog.

I read Glamour as well. And I have

Hope you had a happy Monday :-)

Ace C said...

No Comment!