Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kitty Fitness

Even the kitties are getting in on the fitness 'round these parts.

Yup, I'm outing myself again with the shoes falling where they may.

I think it was Elizabeth who asked if I just slid out of my work out shoes. The answer, as evidenced here too, is yes.

I slide my feet out, yank off the socks, stuff them in, and typically make my way straight to the shower as I am all kinds of hot and sweaty. Post shower, I put the socks in the hamper.

Princess, for whatever reason, has an affinity for the Nikes so until she gives them up, they stay where they are.

I like how the shadow of the bike in the sun while Jasmine is taking advantage of the moment appears as if she is sitting on the bike seat. Backwards yes, but sitting on the seat.

The other picture of Jasmine with her paw on my forehead is her kung fu kitty and/or attempts to heal me. Demons be gone!

I'd love to tell you that was a planned shot or I lifted her paw up there but nope, she did that all on her own.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Kelly Jene said...

Cute pics! Aren't cats the best. I love my girls.. we have three cats. Take care ok!

kimmyk said...

i love the kung fu / healing paws kitty picture!

the red eyes though? freakin me out.

if i left my shoes out my dogs would have them out the doggie door quicker than shit and tearing them to pieces..cause they're hateful like that!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, love the kitty cat mosaic. And I love the Mercy song playing. wow, talk about a song giving me a pick up. I am actually typing this to the beat because I'm a dork like that!!!!! Hah, do you know if the rest of her CD is this deliciously funky. If so, I want to buy it. You and your kitty are adorable!!!!

Ace C said...