Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Allow me to introduce you to Spanky.
He is the crew's mascot.

He was inspired by JoJo, Tina's traveling gnome.

We are a bunch of economical (insert frugal) peeps. Thus, I never got around to buying one but when this was the male toy in a Happy Meal one night, I was all over it.

Officially he is a superhero and father of the main character for the Nickelodeon show El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Riveria. His "real" name is White Pantera.

I didn't care for the name that much. I thought it wasn't inclusive and could be interpreted as a tad racist so we re-named him Spanky. Mr. Spanks if you've been naughty.

He goes pretty much everywhere with me. I "bathe" him once a week. Most all of the time he can be found in a Ziploc bag with my camera. Luckily, no one has taken him hostage...yet. Don't be getting any ideas people!

The peeps, work peeps included, have totally embraced him. Thankfully no one thinks too much of sitting down for a meal or an outing and me whipping him out of the purse or briefcase to join us.

He can be quite the conversation piece and from time to time, he has been used to weed out people. If you don't get/appreciate I am a grown woman carrying around a plastic figurine from a Happy Meal and like to take random pictures of him, you just might not be my kind of people.

Spanky's one year anniversary is January 20th. It seems like he has been with me far longer than this. I'm sensing the need for a party specifically in his honor.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Live.Love.Eat said...

OK, this is sad but he has been living with us for a long time now & I never bothered knowing his name. I just knew where he came from & I gave him a comfortable spot in the "friends" bin. I should have cared more about who he was. Thanks to you, I at least know his name.

fiwa said...

Happy trails to you & spanky, and come home safe.


Kelly Jene said...

LOL... I love it. You are my kinda people. I have several friends like Spanky... though I don't keep them in my purse cuz they are a bit big. I like it. Neat story!

Brad said...


kimmyk said...

you need to send spanky out into the world...like jojo.

my sally is in texas right now.

i should send her to the west coast....ya think?

Ace C said...

Someone get this lady a "drank"! You left out part of the story. It was a toss up between him another toy.

Ace C said...

And you left out the part where he got named at Mars and Jason's brother and wife were there with cats galore.