Saturday, September 20, 2008

They Killed It

What a night last night!

It took Mel and I longer to get to the concert than it took for me to drive to my destination for the road trip this week. Seriously.

3 hours and counting to go maybe twenty miles. At one point it took 45 minutes to get through one light. ONE light people.

We were not alone in this. We knew most all of the other cars were going the same place. How could you not when you the sounds of Journey could be heard from the windows?

The traffic was so bad at random times, folks were making mad dashes from their cars to use the restroom and to purchase beer. We just chilled in the car, gabbed, and made the most of our time until we could make it to the venue.

Kyla and Steph were already there and had staked out a great spot on the grass for us. They were able to head over early. For this, we were thankful.

Mel and I completely missed Cheap Trick and most all of Heart which is a damn shame. We really wanted to see them and hear her belt out the tunes. Kyla was in tears during their performance and Steph had goose bumps so we know we missed a good thing. Fortunately, we arrived inside the grassy area in time for Barracuda and were able to enjoy the encore. Journey killed it. Absolutely rocked the house. We are a bunch of sing along fools to begin with but to be at the concert surrounded by hundreds of others rocking out and singing along too made it that much more dare I say magical.

Mel and I left before the end of the set. We were taking no chances for a four hour trip back home. As is, we had to hike to my car. And I mean hike y'all. It took 10 minutes to get out of the "driveway" and a total of 35 minutes to make it back to the Taco Bell we grabbed grub at on the way home.

While sitting in the traffic on our way out, some random very drunk chick approached our car. She introduced herself and her BFF. Maricel and Mikey said we were the hot chicks on the freeway that they tried to keep up with and then she politely offered us some vodka. Um, thanks but no thanks.

I told you the freaks find me. We'll take the hot chick compliment but um, wrong hot chicks. We were nowhere near the freeway. We were in traffic remember?

All in all, GREAT times and Arnel Pineda did Steve Perry proud. Can you imagine to be found on You Tube and then before you know it be touring with some of the greats? A dream come true for sure. Go here to hear and see his "debut". Close your eyes and tell me he doesn't do it justice and you don't feel/hear Steve?
A quick shout out to my brothers for rocking out to these tunes in my youth. Journey, Foreigner, Boston, AC/DC to name some of the influences with your names ALL over it. Being there made me miss y'all a bit more than usual. Love you. Mean It.
Peace and Love Peeps.
NOTE: I admit defeat and will stop trying to fix the spacing issues. Thanks blogger for a frustrating few minutes of my life. {Pfft}


kimmyk said...

Yeah for a good time being had by all.

I would have been so bummed if I had missed Heart. I *heart* Ann and Nancy!!!

I heard the new guy for Journey sometime last year-and I gotta say I was quite impressed. I didn't know he was found on YouTube though. How freakin cool is that?

Glad you had a good time. Oh and I don't see a spacing problem on my end here.

Ace C said...

Sounds like good fun. Too bad I can't tell you what the hell they sing.

fiwa said...

*GASP* I can't believe Ace just said that.

Cheryl said...

Well, it was a night to remember. Just not in a way you anticipated. Sounds like you made the best of it. It's been ages since I've been to a concert. They're so expensive these days. I saw all the greats back in the day.

Brad said...

I'm glad we went early and took the back way - we had a blast but I'm not so hot on Arnel Pineda, it just wasn't the same for me.

Sorry you guys got stuck in the traffic!