Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We Have a Winner and Thank You

I hope y'all had fun playing the guessing game.

I had fun watching the guessing come in and like most of you, I was confused at some point.

I am happy to say there are two winners. Yup, two!

One is a clear winner and the other came through clarification via a series of texts.

Congratulations Summer and Ace!

Summer said she was fairly certain she had it correct and she did.

Mars is wearing the rounded toe bowed ballet flats. Fiwa has on the patent Mary Janes. I'm (as most all of you guessed) in the pointed black heels. Drea is sporting the patent square toe bowed chunk heels.

I know what gift card Ace wants. Summer, I was very touched you chose to contribute to charity the last contest you won. However, this time I want you to pick something just for you. Something you'll enjoy. Do you hear me? Give this "gift" to yourself ok?

As for the birthday wishes, MANY THANKS Y'ALL.

It is not until this weekend. Your greetings and your insights are greatly appreciated. I feel so loved!

As for plans, Kyla's birthday is the following day and another friend's is tomorrow so there is a joint celebration planned.

I'm not telling how old here. Are you kidding? Some things are private. {Keep your eye out for a text Kim}. Just know I am older than 30.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Summer said...

Happy Birthday Girlie!

I'll email you.

Summer said...

Well I thought I was going to email you. I think all I have is your old address. Email me at SummerAug@aol.com.

simonsays said...

Happy Birthday!

I love your page and will be back! Do you mind if I add your link to mine? Thanks for visiting me, btw.



bummer! :) Next time take pics of everyone's earrings! :)

Happy almost birthday!
I'm glad Summer won--and you're right, she deserves to keep something for herself!


Ace C said...

I know how old you are. I should tell everyone. I should tell everyone.