Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Challenge #46

For the record, that's not me nor is it my couch. I have this sofa in brushed canvas natural. You can tell from that color selection alone I don't have kids. Dead giveaway huh?

If you were following me on twitter last Sunday you know how I spent some of my day.

Cleaning the couch people! The entire thing. Each and every slipcover, including the main big one. Lemme tell you that was no easy feat and now I know why I waited 7, yes 7 years to tackle that bad boy.

Many thanks to Ace for putting up with my whining while I was doing the chore, which is this week's challenge.

Saw that one coming didn't you?

This week I challenge you to clean your couch, your sofa, your chairs...whatever you need to. I'm not just talking about taking a vacuum or lint roller to it. I'm talking about taking the cushions off and getting right down to it.

I know one person who just bought a fabulous sectional so she won't need to do the couch at least.

In case you are wondering, the most common item found under my couch cushions is kitty litter. Poor babies. That stuff gets stuck in their padded paws. Hold the comments y'all. They can't help it.

What might you find in yours?

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Ace C said...

Did you get those floor boards yet?