Monday, March 20, 2006

8 Seconds

You can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl was my motto Sunday. I had a bunch of people who have never seen in me in a pair of jeans and boots before make tons of comments on how comfortable I looked in the get up as they called it. Um, it's not a get up folks. It's a former way of life for this girl. I know you're used to seeing me dressed up like a city slicker and all but there was a time this girl lived in jeans and boots and spent every spare moment on the back of a horse.

We had awesome seats for the PBR event at the Tacoma Dome this weekend thanks to our business partnership with a certain sponsor. Such great seats I actually got slobbered and clobbered by one of the bulls. Nothing quite like being slimed with bull spit to really experience the event.

Best part of the event? The meet and greet before the event. I'm not a celebrity stalker or anything and most people wouldn't even know who I am talking about when I say I got to meet J.W. Hart, Adriano Moraes, and Mike Lee up close and personal. It was so cool to meet these cowboys and their families.

I love that Adriano, even after being a two time world champion, remains down to earth. God bless a man who says everything is in order when his priorities are God first, his wife and kids second, and bull riding third. J.W. is a true cowboy and this is his 13th straight season of competition. Can the Ironman get a break and win one? Mike Lee, young little thing that he is, and a Texan to boot, is kicking some serious butt in the rankings this year. I believe he's ranked 2nd behind Adriano.

Oh, and how can I forget that I saw Little Yellow Jacket up close and personal too? This is one beast of a bull. There's nothing little or yellow about this animal. He's been a world champion bull three years in a row and he certainly deserves the title.

All in all, we had a great time and this is a day for the scapbook.

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