Monday, March 27, 2006

I Am Such a Dork

I tried, with no success, to get rid of the Madonna headset for my cell phone. I really dislike the in your ear bud things (it's taken me forever to embrace the buds I have for my mp3 player). So I thought, hey, I'll do the over the ear one. That should be ok right? Well, no, it's not alright. I can't figure out how to get it to fit over either one of my ears comfortably let alone have someone be able to hear me when I talk. I have no patience for this today since I have to get ready for another three day tour. I'll play with it later over the weekend and if this dork can't make it work, I'll keep the current Madonna headset rocking and rolling.


The furbabies usually wait until I have left the building to act out. I guess packing the suitcase yesterday threw 'em off a day. I came home to a hairball by Princess, a Hansel and Gretel turd trail by Jasmine, and then Jasmine proceeded to hack up a hairball of her own. Lovely. Like it wasn't enough that Princess hacked a hairball up on my head this weekend. If this is what I get today, what will be waiting for me when I return later this week? Or maybe, just maybe, they got it all out of their system today. A girl can hope can't she?


Small blessing of the day and the shout out for the day goes to Steven at Avis. Repeat customer = free upgrade because he felt like it. We'll be driving in style on this trip. Or I should say tour. Boss man coined that term and it's stuck. Dang military influence. It's catchy. It works. We rock it. But if he starts calling them a deployment or a work up, we might just need to have a talk.

Happy 6th birthday LT! I think it is fabulous you are already giving back to others at such a young age. I love that in lieu of gifts, you are asking people to bring you a teddy bear so you can donate them to the Dallas police department. How cool is that?

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