Sunday, March 12, 2006

Never Again

Never again will I ask someone else to figure out a tip for me. When I ask you to figure out the tip for a haircut and partial foil, that is what I want the tip figured out on. Do not, do you hear me, do not figure out the tip on the haircut, partial foil, shampoo, conditioner, and tax. How nice of you to inflate your tip. As if 20% wasn't enough already. Hmmph. Trust me on this. Lesson learned. And to make up for the extra this time, you'll be getting 15% next appt.


suburban mom said...

Oh that sucks. Sorry. It's already expensive enough.

the depressed nurse said...

OMG! Why is they think they deserve so much when they are already ripping us off? I went to the beauty shop for highlights last month, I'm ashamed to say it had been a year and a half since I set foot in one. I almost fainted at the cost of the highlights, plus the shampoo! I made her blow it out too, I knew she was going to stick it to me. It's painful.