Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rants and Raves

Just wanted to take a moment to rant and rave. Some thoughts, observations, etc. from the last few days, not in any particular order:

Rant: Hanging out in an overpriced hotel room due to a basketball tournament. It is insane they can jack up the nightly stay by 40% simply because of the extra business.

Rave: The same hotel has a stress manager on site. His name is Kip. He is the sweetest golden retriever evah! Love that when you walk into this hotel the fire is blazing, relaxing music is playing, and there is Kip either wide awake to greet you or sleeping but willing to wake up so you can play with him, love on him, experience him. Oh, and they put out fruit and cookies every night too.

Rant: Said basketball tournament guests are running up and down the halls at all hours of the night. Some of us have to be up at the butt crack of dawn dontcha' know?

Rave: Hotel offers hi speed wireless internet everywhere in the hotel.

Rant: Sick people in airplanes and at the office. I don't want your crud! Leave it at home people. (Sidebar: I think I may be succumbing to the crud. Throat is scratchy, I'm losing my voice, and eyes are itchy. Living a prayer it's only allergies)

Rave: Preferred seating due to my mileage plan status. I used to be a very social person on planes. Now I get to my seat, yank out the laptop or files, crank the tunes up or read an ebook. I'm raving to my fellow frequent business travelers who get it, who know without saying a word other than the customary greeting that I like you, I respect you...I just don't want to talk to you.

Rant: Flight attendants with attitude

Rave: Technology

Rant: Being so behind on so many things

Rave: Taking time for a mini day of beauty Saturday...just for me simply because

Rant: Last minute issues that take me away from where I want to be

Rave: Having such a fantastic group of people to work with and for that make being away from where I want to be fun and worthwhile

Rant: People freaking out in security lines simply because they are running a little bit behind and security needs to wand you because you didn't take your belt off, empty your pockets, take off your shoes, remove your coat, etc.

Rave: Hotel vending machines with a huge selection of drinks. Bring on the SoBe, bring on the juice, bring on the Starbucks bottled drinks, bring on the cokes/soda

Rant: Unwanted advances

Rave: Females not afraid to pay you a compliment


suburban mom said...

Oh love it!
That was fun to read.
I loved the last two.Though I think for me, any advance would be this point ;)
Well, excpet the creepy, icky kind :)

Mo said...

And those advances were the creepy, icky kind. :)