Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day in the Life

It's not even summer and the gas prices have already risen to $2.55 for regular unleaded here. I dread what's going to happen in the coming months if this is what we're dealing with already. I'm pretty certain the rise in price is not due to increased road travel due to spring break vacations.


First let me start by saying I'm all for helping out my fellow man or woman in need. Call me a hypocrite if you desire when I say giving a homeless person or beggar money is not my idea of helping out my fellow man or woman in need. I had no idea until I moved over here that this city had so many homeless. Seattle, check. Portland, check. My city, umm no check until I started living here.

I stroll into Qdoba to pick up a salad for dinner. Even though I have everything here to make one, I was feeling tired and lazy so I thought I'd let someone else do the cooking tonight. Enter homeless man. He's right in front of the door on crutches. I couldn’t avoid this man if I tried. I get ready for the question…do you have any money you can spare? I tell him I have no cash, which was true, but he doesn't believe me. He looks at me and says, “You smell nice and look rich. You have money bitch.”

My first thought was, did he just rhyme? Then, I immediately thought WTF is that all about? So I say to him, "You want dinner? Come in with me and I'll buy you dinner." He politely declines and hobbles off. Punkass.

Salad in hand, homeless man gone, I head over to the gas station. Enter beggar man. Beggar man approaches me from behind. Are you freaking serious? You want to get smacked around buddy? Didn't his momma teach him to never approach a woman from behind? He gives me some story about his wife losing their debit card and needing gas money to get to Centralia. I offer to buy them a tank of gas and he says, "No, that's ok." Yea, that's what I thought. You want cash, not a tank of gas. Oh, and by the way, where's your wife and didn't she ever tell you to not approach a woman from behind too? Freak.


I got great news today via my sister that my brother turned in his dissertation. Not only was it accepted on his first draft, they want to publish it too! I am so happy for him and beyond proud. Finishing his dissertation has been no easy feat, especially considering all of the challenges he's encountered along the way, personally and professionally. For it to be done and for it be the success that it is calls for a huge happy dance.

He graduates in May so it looks like I am off to the big D for that weekend. I can honestly say I am looking forward to this trip "home". I haven't "met" my nephew yet and it's been almost two years since I have seen my brother, my sil, and my other two nieces. They didn't want to ask anyone to come in for just the weekend. I was like how could we not celebrate this day, this accomplishment? You don't even have to ask. I'll be there. And I'll be sure to stay at the same hotel you are or right nearby so we'll have extra time to catch up and for me to play with the kiddos.

I'll probably piss my sister off by staying in a hotel. I love my sister, love my bil, love my two nieces but I'd rather stay in a hotel. Why would I rather stay at a hotel than stay in a home like I crave when I am on the road? My sister and I have an odd relationship. I’d love to say we are close but we’re not. I probably won’t spend a dime on a room as I’ll have points to cash in. So, there you have it. My choice is to stay in a hotel. Here's to hoping she deals with it and there's no drama.

One of my closest girlfriends called tonight needing work related advice. We met through work years ago and just hit it off from the get go. I love when that happens. You know, when you meet someone and it's like you've known them for years? Very cool.

No matter how many miles may separate us, we're there for one another -- sounding board, soul sisters, support -- we get each other. I never knew until tonight she considered me a mentor and aspired to follow in my footsteps. Ironically, or as fate would have it, she pretty much has. With each promotion I had, she backfilled me. We're no longer working in the same office/city but we're still with the same company. Even though I am here and she is there, our careers continue to take the same direction.

I only write about this because our conversation got me thinking. How many people do I have in my life that I haven't taken the chance to tell them how I feel about them, how much I care for them, what they mean to me? How many missed opportunities have I let pass? We never really know how much time we have left or how much choosing to say these words can make a difference to someone. I'm going to challenge myself to do better about doing so.

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the depressed nurse said...

Don't laugh, but I was in the bed when you called. Yes, I know it was, what, 8? Insomnia rules me, so when I feel sleep coming on I go with it.
I'll call ya later this evening.