Thursday, March 16, 2006

From Me to You

Couple of weeks ago I'm hanging out in Spokane for work. Spokane's pace of life is slower and not as pretentious as the big city life of Seattle, Portland, Dallas, etc. One of the things I really enjoy about that side of the mountain (as we Western Washington dwellers often refer to Eastern Washington) is just that. People being who they are without necessarily keeping up with the latest fashion and being more than ok with that.

So, boss man and I head to the grocery store for medicine and lunch on the dreaded day I dropped like a rock with the flu. Behind the deli counter is a woman seriously sporting a mullet. I'm not talking about a mini mullet folks. I'm talking full on mullet rocking woman. If I hadn't been feeling so crappy I would have taken a picture and then proceeded to figure out how to post it for all to see.

As we're waiting for the sandwich to be made, I'm thinking to myself do hairstylists still cut people's hair in mullets? Does this woman have people in her life that care enough to tell her the mullet is dead? Does she have such people in her life but is hanging on the hair style because of it being a time in her life that was really good and doesn't want to let go? Is that really a mullet or is the fever making me delirious? And my other thought was please dear lord say it isn't the mullet making a come back?

Today, I'm driving to work and there is a man in front of me sporting the full on early 80's heavy metal curly top haircut. Then, later when I ran out to get lunch, there was a lady sporting the rooster bangs with a perm ordering her to go order too.

So, I'm left wondering with three sightings of bad 80's hair in less than a month, is bad 80's hair back in style? Say it isn't so.

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. Another night out with a few guys from work at our local sports bar and pub near the office and the waitress who usually waits on us breaks down tonight and asks if I am the only woman who works in the office with all these men. When I'm in town and we hit this place to let off a little bit of steam, to decompress from the day, grab a bite to eat and partake in a a drink or two, I'm usually sitting at a table with anywhere from 3-7 guys.

I sometimes wonder what people think of this. I really don't care what others think but I admit when I see a table full of men and one lone woman I ponder the dynamics of their relationship so I figure others are doing the same when they see me and my guys.

So, for anyone who might see us at the Time Out, I'm not a slut, I do have female friends, and yes, these are my boys. There's nothing funny going on. I simply happen to work in a male dominated field; about 97% men to be exact. It's not uncommon for me to be in a conference room full of men and be the only woman. It's not uncommon for me to go days without seeing a female in an office, out in the market, or anywhere else I happen to be for work. I'm good with this and it's simply become my way of life.

Am I the only one who becomes annoyed with people stating the obvious? I'm thinking I was probably sensitive to this today because I was swamped.

I am happy and touched by you being happy to see me since I have been gone and we didn't get a chance to really talk when I was in the office last week. I'd like to catch up too but when you come over to my space and see me furiously typing and pretty much have my head buried behind my monitor without really taking a complete moment to acknowledge your presence I'd like to think you'd get the hint I was busy. But noooo, you hang out for a minute or two and then ask, "You're really busy huh?"

Uh, duh...there's your sign. So, after I explain yes, I am really busy but can do lunch tomorrow or an early breakfast Monday, that's my subtle way of asking you to please leave unless you have an issue or need advice on something that can't wait.

Love kitty is experiencing another herpes outbreak. Yes, my cat has herpes. How'd she get it? Who knows. I was told it is very common in shelter cats, cats that spent time living on the streets, and for kittens to contract the virus. She's been all three.

She's been a carrier for an amount of time I don't know and has been suffering outbreaks since late December. We got it under control in January. I feel so bad for my baby when her eye gets all gooky and puffy.

The vets warned me once she had the bad outbreak, which was the only outbreak I've experienced with her since I adopted her, that she would be more susceptible to having frequent outbreaks under times of stress. We were doing good until this morning. Now, we're back on the eye drops 3-5 times a day. More kitty cat crack for her and more guilt and stress for me. Will she continue to have outbreaks when I go out of town? Thankfully, nothing but day trips and a few days at home next week. I'm such a bad mom.

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the depressed nurse said...

I think it's cool those guys include you! Lots of men are too macho and sexist to hang out with a girl in relationship that's not sexual.

And about your slow co worker, don't ya just hate people's stupidity sometimes?? Jeez!!