Saturday, March 18, 2006

Too Serious for My Own Good?

I woke up this morning, after my wake up call from a friend 350 miles away (how'd he know I was still sleeping at 10:00 and needed to get up anyway?), wondering if I am too serious for my own good sometimes.

See, I hit Blockbuster yesterday to catch up on flicks. I used to go to the movies all the time but after I started traveling so much and hooked myself up with a sweet home entertainment system (well, I actually have the ex to thank for pushing my bank account in that direction) going to the movies wasn't as important. I'd rather hang out in the comfort of my home and watch a movie than go to the movie and give away a small fortune. This isn't to say I don't enjoy the experience of going to the theater because let's be honest here. Nothing beats it.

Anyway about once every three months or so I dedicate a night to a marathon movie session. On the spur of the moment yesterday I decided last night would be one of those nights. God was smiling down on me as I had the choice of just about any movie I wanted. Usually I wait until the middle of the afternoon or a Saturday to pick out selections and by this time and am forced to go with what might be on the shelves or just returned. Not yesterday. I was there before 11:00 AM and there simply were so many to choose from, too many when you're as behind on movies as I am.

So, after careful deliberation what did I choose? Walk the Line, North Country, Good Night, and Good Luck, and Just Like Heaven. I didn't realize until I was finishing up Good Night, and Good Luck that 75% of my selections were heavy hitting, fact based selections.

Then, after I watched three of the movies and tried to fall asleep, I decided to read a few chapters. So, what books are in rotation right now? My Friend Leonard, Predator, and From Good to Great. Nothing fluff here either.

Ok, after a few chapters didn't lull me to sleep I thought maybe I'd watch something I DVR'ed earlier in the week. (Just what I need after three movies...more TV huh?) So what's on the DVR? Bones, Criminal Minds, Conviction, In Justice, CSI.

So, I am left wondering this morning, where is the fun and fluff? It's there I know and I do certainly have many times with the fun and fluff but if these are my choices, am I too serious for my own good?

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