Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bliss and Hiss

Today was all about me. I honestly believe you have to do this from time to time. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, how can we be there for others? The next 5 to 6 weeks are shaping up to be extremely hectic so I wanted to get in the right frame of mind before it all hits. Kind of like the calm before the storm.

I started off by sleeping in. Well, if you count sleeping until 10:00 AM when I didn’t get to bed until 5:30 AM sleeping in. Damn insomnia. At least I got the some cleaning done!

First up? A visit to get cracked. I didn’t used to believe in chiropractic care until I suffered from a pinched nerve and nothing but getting adjusted treated it. Since then, I’ve been a believer and my body lets me know when I need to go in for an adjustment.

I affectionately refer to an adjustment as getting cracked. Dr. Yee doesn’t necessarily agree with this choice of words but he’s a trooper and rolls with it. Getting the adjustment was a little bit of hiss and definitely some bliss. I was rather tense so the release of the adjustment felt great. Getting the adjustment not so great.

The other hiss part of the visit? Having your doctor scold you for letting it get this tight before coming in and then asking, “Will you be coming in next weekend and the weekend after and the weekend after?” You know when you are on the road how your body reacts.” Yes, Dr. Yee. I will be in next week and the week following and the week following that and the week following that.

Next up, after running some errands, was the much anticipated, long overdue slice of heaven called a massage. I admit it. I am a massage junkie or as some like to joke, massage whore. I try to schedule a massage, at the very least, every few months. In between massages, if I am really hurting, I’ll bargain with some of my co-workers; rub my shoulders and neck and I’ll take care of x, y, or z for you. Nothing sexual is involved with x, y, or z but I’ll P.I.M.P. my services to get a knot rubbed out.

My massage therapist is an angel. She’ll stay late or work through her lunch break if I make a last minute call. She says she knows I am hurting if I make such a call so she wants to help me. God bless you Marisol. You’ve come through like a champ for this girl on many an occasion.

Today’s pre-planned massage was blissful but I knew the hiss would soon follow. It wasn’t a deep tissue massage by definition but let’s just say it was knot and tension central all up and down my shoulders and back. She worked most all of the bad boys out. What happens once the knots are released? Soreness like a mug. I hurt. I’m sure I will feel better tomorrow but right now, good god. Second hiss for this part of bliss? Marisol scolded me too.

After the massage? Facial. I knew Veronika was going to let me have it with guns blazing. My skin has been neglected in the last month or so. I haven’t been drinking enough water and I’ve let the stress get to me. I was super dry. Desert dry. I had congestion aka clogged pores, blackheads, etc. I deserved the scolding and gut check. Bliss? Facial and rehydration. Hiss? The well deserved tongue lashing for not taking care of my skin.

Last on the list was a pedicure. No scolding here, just pure bliss.

So, what’s the lesson learned for the day? Take care of you first. Our bodies silently speak to us. When we don’t take heed, it has no choice but to scream out in pain, whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally. First it’s a whisper. Listen to the whisper. React to the whisper. Take care of you before the scream.

Shout outs and mad love to Dr. Yee, Marisol, and Veronika. I’m blessed and very thankful to have these wonderful people in my life. Yes, they are doing their jobs and I am paying for their services, but they care enough to hiss at me in the course of my bliss. I hear you and appreciate you for helping to keep me centered.

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Stacy said...

Sounds like a fab-u-lous day! I am definatley envious....or maybe inspired to have a 'me day' of my own! Thanks :)