Monday, March 20, 2006

Simple Math

If this is the state of our youth and what is in store for our future, god help us all.

I trekked on over to JoAnn's this evening. Can't let a 40% coupon go to waste now can we? I saunter up to the cash register to pay for my measly little purchase. The total comes to $6.08. I didn't see the lone last penny in with my other change so I hand the PYT (pretty young thing) $6.10. She's handing me back the $.02. I say, "Oh, I do have $.08." and proceed to hand her the $.08. PYT looks at me with a blank stare. I say, "Keep the $.02 and give me back the dime." Poor thing didn't get it. So, I try to explain to her that if she gives me back the dime and I give her the $.08 her register will balance at the end of the night. I say, in a very nice way, "$.10 minus $.08 = $.02 so if I give you $.08 and you give me the $.10 back, we're at $0.00. I owed $6.08. It's simple math." PYT still didn't get it and says, "I am an artist."

Um, ok. I know I am a financial analyst by day and a crafter by night and weekend but I didn't think this was too much for an artist to comprehend.

Lord help us all.


the depressed nurse said...

That's hysterical! Your a strong gal to not have laughed in her face.

Mo said...

Ha! If I hadn't been in a semi state of shock I probably would have.