Saturday, March 11, 2006

Drop Like A Rock

These words will forever be associated with me getting the flu and my boss stating the obvious that yes, when I get I sick...I get sick and do drop like a rock.

Living on the prayer that it was just allergies last week was more like me living in denial. I finally feel like I have become one of the living again. It's been a very long time since I was sick like that. It was bad. I don't wish this year's flu on anyone.

The worst part of it all? Couple of things. I'm in the middle of doing a presentation Friday afternoon. I'd been dropping like a rock all day. All I wanted to do was go in a corner and sleep until my flight early Friday evening. Well, that didn't happen and here I was being a dedicated trooper just hanging on until that 5:30 flight time. Time to do my presentation. I start talking, I start to cough, and the next thing you know, I'm hurling. In front of a bunch of grown men. I ran down those stairs so fast and luckily made it to the bathroom in time to avoid more disaster but not soon enough to avoid major embarrassment.

I ended up staying an extra night in Spokane and proceeded to be one of those people who spread my crud all around the plane Saturday night. I called my doctor Sunday only to find out I had to let this run it's course. Cancelled my trip to Portland until this week and stayed in bed all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Hit the office Thursday and yesterday only to have people tell me I should be home in bed. Yea, if you could have seen me last week you'd know this is a major improvement. Back off before I breathe on you and share the love.

The absolute worst part of being sick and single? Noone to get you fluids or make your soup. God bless my furbabies. They always stick by my side whenever I am sick, have dental work, am feeling blah. They just knew when I had the chills and couldn't get warm. Both of them would climb up on me and stay there until their little bodies created a furnance to get me warm. If I got up to go to the bathroom, they both went with me and stayed with me until we crawled back into bed. I kept thinking, "If I pass out will they call 911 too?" Dang fever was making me delirious. Now, only if I could teach them how to opearte the water cooler and warm up soup.

So, long story short, I'm feeling almost normal today. My mini day of beauty last Saturday obviously didn't happen and I haven't rescheduled. At least I have a cut and color this afternoon. That will have to do for now. As for now, I've got bills to pay and about 2-3 hours of work I need to do before this week's trip. Will I ever catch up? I swear I am about two weeks behind now it seems.

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the depressed nurse said...

Mo! I can't believe you had to go through that alone!!!!! Now I have to worry about you being up there all by your lonesome, sick on the floor dying while your cats lick your face.
I feel your pain though, I had that flu and I was praying for sweet death to end my agony.
Glad your better.