Thursday, March 23, 2006

Big Texas Hair

Who would have thought sporting the big Texas hair yesterday would have resulted in the reactions it did?

I fell asleep with my hair wet the other night and when I woke up the next morning, the natural wave was out of control like nobody's business. It was too much work to do anything other than break the hot rollers out of the depths of the closest.

Yep, I said hot rollers. My hair stylist said if I wanted to recreate the fabulous hair she did the last time I got it cut, hot rollers would do the trick. I looked at her like she was crazy but she assured me it'd be ok.

You have to know that in high school hot rolling my hair and shallacking it with hairspray so it'd look just right throughout the day was the in thing to do. It was the style and I sported it like a rockstar. I don't mean to brag but I was the envy of many. I had, and guess I still do, have the right type of hair for hot rollers.

So, whenever I hear hot rollers, my high school hair is the first thought that comes to mind. Long story short, I was too lazy yesterday to do anything and figured what the heck, it's worth a try. If I have to I can pull it back in a ponytail. I busted those puppies out of the closest, got to rolling, and decided to sport the curls.

I hit the office and some people thought I was a visitor because it was that dramatic of a change. I must have had at least 15 compliments on the Texas big hair. The compliments were nice, especially considering what I was wrestling with personally, but it made me wonder, if you like the curls that much, has my straight, wavy, ponytail, chignon, etc. looks been that bad? If so, why didn't anyone tell me? I mean it was unreal how many comments there were. It's just hair with curls people.

Sorry if I disappointed anyone with the regular, straight hair today.


the depressed nurse said...

You gotta post pics when your describing hair woman!

Mo said...

Whatcha' talking about girl? You're from the South too. You know what big Texas hair looks like. :)

Sheesh, posting a picture means
1. I'd have to figure out how to do to that
2. I'd end up having my picture out there for everyone to see

One day...maybe one day...