Sunday, March 09, 2008


Remember the other day when I said I wanted a kitty muzzle for Jasmine? I feel like such a bad momma for saying it. I should have known she was trying to tell me something. Something along the lines of "Momma, I hurt. Please take me to see Dr. Rosie."

But nooooo, I couldn't see past myself. I knew she had a cold and since her sister was getting better through the week, I figured she would too.

Oh how wrong I was. My precious love kitty was admitted to the hospital yesterday. I just got a phone call from Dr. Rosie letting me know she is doing much better today and is wolfing down her food.

Before we go further with this update, I probably should let those of you who don't know, Jasmine has a compromised immune system. What I mean by this is she isn't the healthiest of kitties.

I knew this when she was adopted from the Kitsap Humane Society. They wanted to put her down because she had a kennel cold and wasn't healing as fast as they would have liked her to have been progressing.

At the time, my husband was deployed and this was the cat he absolutely wanted. The kitty he simply had to have. I sent an email letting him know of the situation and wouldn't you know he wouldn't make the time to call me from the ship but lordy lord he found a way and a will to get in touch with them and asked them to save her by any means necessary?

So, long story short, they did and my life has not been the same since. I love this kitty, with her compromised immune system, howls, poo-e issues, herpes, high maintenance, needy feline self and all.

She usually does ok when I travel for a few days here and there. Day trips don't phase her. It is when I leave for weeks on end she gets out of sorts.

God bless Auntie Maricel for checking on her and her sister daily while I canvass the country earning my keep.

But three weeks was too much for the love kitty. She is down to 6lbs 10oz, was constipated, has a cold, a UTI, and was dehydrated.

She may have compromised kidney function too. Dr. Rosie says we won't know until she is re-hyrdated. The reading could be false but today? Today she is doing much better.

For this I am grateful.

Princess keeps going to her sister's normal hiding and sleeping places looking for her.

I miss her too baby...


Maricel said...

Get better Jasmine baby!!

Cheryl said...

You are a good kitty mom, you just didn't know. I hope she's better and home soon.

Summer said...

I'm sorry to hear she's so sick. I hope she is well soon and can come home where she belongs.

anna said...

Oh, I hate sick kitties and puppies!! Bless her little heart. I hope she gets well soon!!

kimmyk said...

aww poor jasmine!!!!

get well soon little baby girl!!

Mo said...

Thanks everyone! You have made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I called the vet's office today and was told she continues to improve. Still congested, but eating and drinking well.

Keep those kitty get well vibes coming!