Saturday, March 08, 2008

Third Person

I'm starting to feel like me again.

You know, the happy Mo.

Not the whining, complaining, pissed off, sad, hating people Mo.

Me no likey that Mo.

That Mo spent entirely too much time being present this past week.

The Mo I like to be is on her way back in.

Just in time to get on the road again.

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better (they follow you into the bathroom?!) now. I think it's the time of year, really. Spring will be here soon and we'll all feel better.

Where ya going this time?

Cheryl said...

Peace and love to you, dearie. I hope the real you is back in control. Do you have a regular cycle that you follow when traveling? Going to a place you like, I hope.

Brad said...

I tend to always get the funk this time of year - for what ever reason I got thru it easy this year - But there really is something to be said for having some decent sunlight. Come hug a goat Mo - It's fix ya right up.

Brad said...

be creative with that last bit

kimmyk said...

it's the freakin' weather man. it brings out the worst in all of us. spring will be here before you know and we'll all be a bit happier. or so that's what i keep telling myself because my current 'me' is getting a bit fussy these days...

be safe on your travels..again.

love you.

Mo said...

Thanks Fiwa. I am off for a three day tour south.

Brad, Just saw the pics of the goats and I'm there.

Kim, Right there with you sister but we lost a dang hour today. Grrrr. Love you too.

Mo said...

Oops, Forget Cheryl. What do you mean by regular cycle?