Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm behind in catching y'all up.

Please understand it is not because I don't love ya' and don't want ya' to know what has been going on.
I've simply been going and going and going.
I hope you will forgive me.
Let me see if a recap of Saturday, March 22 will make it all good.
First up, Jasmine and I went to see Dr. Rosie. They called the night before and asked if we could come in at 9:40 AM instead of 10:00 AM.
I said sure. But wouldn't you know it, we were kept waiting until 10:20 AM. I could have slept in an extra bit but I'm not hating. You know by now I will do what it takes to make sure the love kitty is taken care of.
Post the appointment, I came home and did some work. Then I took a nap because I knew the night was going to be a long one.
We were supposed to go here but I failed to recognize there were NCAA games playing when the plans were made two weeks in advance. As a result, the obvious choice was to make a change in plans.
I headed north instead. We watched a few games and and then headed to the Eastside to meet peeps for cocktails and dinner versus the original plan of dinner in Seattle.
Here's part of the view while driving over to the Eastside.
Upon arrival to our destination, I promptly snuggled and played with this beautiful creature. Her name is Olivia. She is quite the snuggle bunny and extremely well behaved. The only issue, if you can even call it that, is she doesn't realize how big she is. She will make room for herself on the couch, in the chair, pretty much anywhere just as long as she can make it to your lap.
The boys had rum and Pepsi. The girls opted for Goose and pomegranate martinis.

We talked. We laughed. We listened to tunes. B-Ball games continued to be watched.

Around 9:00 PM we decided to head out for dinner. Who is we you might be asking right about now.

We is Sharon, Jason, and Jeremey. Me too of course.

We wanted Thai food but the joint was closing ten minutes from our arrival. So we went over to the only restaurant in area still serving food. In the bar only.

You know what that meant don't you? Of course you do! It meant more drinks y'all. Hence, the goofy looks in the above pictures. It also meant clam chowder, tataki of tuna for Sharon and me, fish and chips for Jason, and a steak sandwich for Jeremey.

Post dinner, we went our separate ways.

However, Jeremey and I weren't done for the night so we headed back to West Seattle and to a location within walking distance of his place.

As the night wore on, a scooby snack was in order.
We shared this piece of pizza. As luck would have it, it was the last one they had available. Score!

Since it was officially Easter, and the patrons were few and far between, they closed early. On the walk back to J's place, we saw this dry cleaner's store front.

I found it to be odd, that out of all the other stores, theirs was the only one with lights blazing. If they are embracing being green, and care for the environment as the sign states, I'm thinking less lights would be better. Plus, look how they care about their customer's clothes. All bunched up and laid out on the counter like that.

Once again, I am in no position to judge or hate as my clothes tend to look like this too while in the midst of project laundry.

How'd the night end? Late. Very late. Or should I say how did the morning start?

Just so you know, we were both champs and made it to church the next morning.

I don't know if he slept Sunday afternoon post his service but I know I sure did post mine. I failed to make it over to T's for Sunday dinner. I was wiped and had to get ready for the week's road trip.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I can't bring it or recover like I used to...

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fiwa said...

you can bring a lot more than I can! Sounds like it was a fun night though. Is that a slice of Pegasus pizza??