Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Challenge #25

This week I challenge you to take a chance.
Whether it be something unforeseen, something you've been thinking about doing but haven't done so, or an opportunity presenting itself to you seemingly out of thin air.
Take the chance.
Just feel it.
Go with it.
I've taken a few chances over the course of the last few days. Each one has paid off in a very positive way. Therefore, I am challenging you to do the same.
And I challenge myself to continue with taking chances this week too.
Here's to chance and happenstance.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Summer said...

Thank you for the darling Easter card. It came at a moment when I needed a lift.

Cheryl said...

Take a chance, huh? Hmmm. There's things I've been meaning to do, wanting to do. Maybe now's the time to do it?

Cheryl said...

PS...I did think of you today when I threw out my expired vitamins, medicines, and old make-up. I thought, this is something Mo would tell us to do.

Ace C said...

Bam! There it is Prego. I just took my chance and I'll see where it takes me.

Mo said...

Summer, You are very welcome. You too Kim. I never did respond to your comment the other day.

Get on it woman! I challenge you. Nah, I dare you. LOL

So I've become the voice inside your head huh? I hope that is a good thing and not the nagging friend voice.

Ace, Have you been hiting the sauce again?

Mo said...

Dang if I didn't check before posting.

I know how to spell hitting. Sheesh.

fiwa said...

hmmm... I shall have to keep my eyes open. :)

Slick said...

I don't know Mo....

My neighborhood is too crowded to pee outside. It's exhilarating but I don't want to go to jail...

anna said...

I LOVED the card Mo!! Thank you sooo much. Needed something pretty and positive today.


kimmyk said...

ace is what? prego? huh??

i'll take this challenge as things in my life right now are good...i can handle it...

Paolo said...

I've been stewing over the choice of "conventional" and "unconventional" for the past few weeks.

Today I made the unashamed, confident and brilliant choice for the unconventional. And I feel good about it.

I'm not sure what will come of it, but we'll see. hope that the chance and happenstance work in conjunction with your focus and intent....

Happy risk and chance taking!

(BTW is there something wrong that the whole take-a-chance-thing has caused me to hear that ABBA song in my head?)

Monica said...

I have something I've been putting off because I'm passive-agressive and hate confrontation; would that count??

Mo said...

What if you pee in the backyard? The front yard I figure neighbors might look at you sideways but the backyard? That is your domain.

I hear ya!


Totally counts. Do it.