Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Challenge #24

We are granted the same amount of time each day.
It doesn't matter if we are younger or older than the next person. Sick or well. Black or white. It is the same for each of us.
24 hours.
Depending on the choices made, what you spend your time doing leaves you feeling as if you got a lot done or it can seem as if you accomplished next to nothing.
Most of us work at least 8 hours a day.
What about the other sixteen hours? What do you do with them? How are you spending them?
That's this week's challenge.
Reflect on whether you are spending the time granted on the right things for you and your family.
The things, people, activities, etc., bringing joy into your life, providing you with a sense of peace, and allowing you to be the best possible you - is this where you are spending your "free" time?
I already know a change or two I can make...


Summer said...

Oh boy. You got me this morning. I know lots of changes I can make.

kimmyk said...

i've been thinking about my time and how i'm spending it.

hence my lack of blogging-family is priority one...not blogging...i think i had forgotten that a year ago.

good reminder.

i'm scrapbooking today. i'm excited!

Cheryl said...

I usually finish up a day feeling pretty productive. I know I can do more.

Monica said...

You're not going to make me stop cleaning, are you??

Ace C said...

I thought that black people got 2 extra hours. Way to burst my bubble.