Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lady Luck?

Have you heard the expression or saying if a bird poops on you it is good luck?
I don't recall the first time I heard this but I know it was sometime back in the day.
Anyway, yesterday on the hood of my rig, there were four separate poopie splatters.
The rain washed 'em away overnight.
But guess what was on the windshield this morning?
10 separate poopie splatters.
That's gotta' mean good luck right?
Or I pissed off a bird/a family of birds and they are seeking revenge.
I'm gonna' go with the good luck theory. And since I live close to the water and park near a tree most days, it makes sense I would be hit at some time but two consecutive days in mass quantity?
The universe is responding to all those vibes, well wishes, and prayers I have been asking for.
Luck. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

i've never heard that before, but i'm goin with it since your car got nailed quite a bit.

good luck for you!

Cheryl said...

I guess its a busy time for those birdies and they're just going to 'let it fly'. Maybe when they noticed their buddies had already visited they thought they'd join in.

Brad said...

I'm glad Love Kitty is getting better. I can't stand it when one of my fur-kids is sick, or god forbid have to spend the night at the vets. Drives me crazy. I wanna stay there with them.

OK, what's with you, fiwa & bird poop ? LOL

Ace C said...

I think that you pissed off the birds.

Paolo said...

ok- so my sister told me this story one time.

A co-worker and she were on a business trip. they had an early morning meeting and her co-worker didn't show up on time. Co-worker shows up 45 minutes late, hurried and stressed.

Coworker was on her way to the meeting (they were in NYC) and she was wearing jeans with a hole in the knee (fashion industry allowed that at their meetings) and boots that fell just below the knee.

Apparently, a bird shit at the exact moment and the gooey gift not only landed in the hole of the jeans but started making its way down into the boot.

She went back to the hotel to change (which explained the delay). The meeting goers all got a good laugh.

But at a break someone took her to the convenience store and told her that she needed to buy a lottery ticket. with the rationale:

"1st, getting shit on by a bird is lucky. 2nd, a bird shitting on you, and into the hole of your jeans is even luckier. 3rd, a bird shitting on you, into the hole of your jeans and down into your boot is 3 times the luckiness."

She bought a lottery ticket. She won a few hundred dollars.

And I'm not even shitting you.

Even if I was, It beats the story of the time when a bird shit on my face as I was reaching over the windshield to find a parking ticket tucked under my car's wiper blade.

thinking about it sounds like I am a liar. But it's all true. and those t shirts say it best:


thanks for reminding me of the more "shittier" times of life. At least I can laugh about it now...