Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My morning started off nicely.
Got a work out in.
Took and made a few phone calls.
Had lunch with two co-workers.
Then I made mistake of being in the office for the afternoon.
Other people's issues became more important than my looming deadline.
It is 5:27 PM and I still have at least two hours to put in to finish what should have been done hours ago.
And I had to reschedule my adjustment.
Guess who will be working from home most all of tomorrow?
Being on the road can be soooooo much nicer. Peeps seem to respect my time more.
Edited at 1:30 AM: Left work shortly after above post. Had an ice cold Bud Light, some grilled shrimp, and veggies while venting with two of my closest work peeps and friends.
Headed home and crawled into bed to take a nap. Naps tend to make it all better right?
Slept for more than a few hours and now am in a battle with love kitty. She won't hush it. She is angry meowing at me. Howling. Do they make kitty muzzles? She needs one. My patience has worn thin. Three hours of her pacing and yelling at me is enough.
Off to get that work done that should have been done hours ago...


Cheryl said...

One thing I love about going to work? I only have one task to do.

Sorry you'll be working from home. Sorry about your adjustment...

fiwa said...

Sometimes I close my blinds and lock my door so everyone will think I'm gone.

Hope tomorrow is better.

Mo said...

Working from home is a blessing.

I wish that would work. Sometimes they will even follow me to the bathroom.

anna said...

Other people can just suck the life outta ya, can't they?

Love that picture in the previous post. Seems that dude had saggy nuts!! ;)