Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Challenge #26

Arriving home last night I discovered someone/something was no longer sharing space with me. Remember Sparky?

He's moved on.

So I started thinking it might be time to clean his home.

Naturally there are cobwebs.

Therefore, the challenge this week is to clean outside your front door this week.

Break out the broom. Grab a bucket and wipe down the door. Sweep the porch. Clean a stair or two.

Y'all get what I am saying here?

Do a little or do a lot this week. It's up to you. But I challenge you to take the cleaning and organizing outside of the home this week.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Big Cute Beach Girl said...

I got a new front porch a few weeks ago, so mine is already clean....I'll post photos tomorrow....

Cheryl said...

Great idea! I'll let you know if I did it.

kimmyk said...

outside work is in the works for this week. as long as it doesn't rain that is.

good idea though!