Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet Sparky

Arriving home this evening from the usual Thursday night, my little friend Sparky was hanging out for all to see.

This made a lot of sense as he spun a web the day before last and caught in his silky web this fine evening were yum yums waiting for him to devour.

I quickly, and I mean quickly, reached for my camera and snapped these for all of our viewing pleasure.

I say, "Hey there little buddy."

Then I zoomed in on him.

Apparently Sparky was not ready for his close up. He quickly scampered right back up to the rafters, which is where he is most all of the time.

Any of ya' know what kind of spider he is?

I am curious to know. I certainly hope my decision to live in perfect harmony with him is not a bad one. I would be unhappy if I found out he is poisonous and has to be kicked to the curb or back to the woods.


Anonymous said...

Okay, what the hell? Stomp that little fucker, he could be a killer spider.
Girl, what are you thinking?
Oh and I'm back up at

anna said...

I'm with beach girl!! I know you love Sparky, but he makes my skin caaa-rawallllllll. Ewww. He would so bite the shit out of you!!

Ace C said...

Where has the "thrill" gone?

Cheryl said...

It's hard to tell how big he is, but I already think it's too big. How long have you been living in harmony?

It's Friday night. Are you out eating something good and having fun with your peeps?

Mo said...

Yea! Tina is back!!!

I am thinking he is one of god's creatures and he chose me to live with. Crazy as it sounds, it is how I look at the situation.

Anna, Bite your tongue. Now he is going to go all postal on me.

Ace, Sheesh. That is all for now.

Cheryl, We have been living in harmony for at least five months.

Don't mean to disappoint you but not hitting the streets tonight.

Summer said...

I'm going to puke now.