Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Day aka Life's Simple Pleasures

Today has been a good day.

Love kitty is showing signs of being on the mend. Being back to her old self. The one I know and love. There she is taking advantage of the sun breaks earlier today and is saying thank you to all of y'all.

Please keep those vibes, prayers, and well wishes coming. We're not out of the woods yet but she gave love kitty kisses this morning, is eating very well, and actually meowed at her sister in the kitchen earlier.

All things she wasn't doing until today. All things that make Jasmine, well Jasmine. Those of you who know her in real life, can you see the weight she has put on? She's looking good and meowing/howling as loudly as ever.

Oh, and can someone tell me if you don't use all of the baby food in a baby food jar if you have to refrigerate it? Dr. Nettie suggested I buy baby food 2 in meat flavors as a treat for her which I did during my lunch break, and boy howdy, she scarfed down some of the beef today.

So what else has made today a good day?
I love, love, love fresh berries. I'm using these for a snack, in breakfast smoothies, and for a sweet, healthy, desert treat too.

Having sun breaks during this time of the year is always a good thing. You might call it partly cloudy where you are. In our neck of the woods we refer to this bit of action as sun breaks. Two of my favorite foods together really makes me happy. To be able to saute fresh spinach with shrimp in a bit of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter with fresh ground pepper and garlic is YUM-O. And since I am not on the road, it means I get to prepare it to my liking.

I also mailed my Easter cards today. I hope they make it in time. I missed the 2:00 PM cut off for Wednesday mailing but hey, I got all 2o of them done and mailed off so I am feeling pretty darn good about that especially after the St. Patrick's Day fiasco.

I'm going to round out the evening by getting a work out in, doing some laundry, and chilling with the kitties.

I hope you have had bits of happiness in your world today too.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

Your day sounded like a great one. How do you make your shrimp? Put in the spinach when the shrimp is almost done? I love fresh spinach and shrimp, but have never had them together.

I'll be working on cards tomorrow. Check your mail. Have a good night with your kitty.

Tammy said...

I just want to rub love kitty's cheeks. Can I?

Maricel said...

Jasmine looks so good. Yeahhhh:) That spinach and shrimp looks yummy and easy to cook. I should try that. I know the berries and angel cake is delicious;)

fiwa said...

I'm glad love kitty enjoyed the sun breaks yesterday. We had a nice long one around noon, didn't we?

Your berries look yummy!

Mo said...

The shrimp is so easy. I buy the pre-cooked, tails off from Costco. Defrost overnight. Throw in a saute pan with the "butter", garlic, and pepper. I give them about two minutes by themselves and then throw in the spinach. Add more garlic and pepper and mix togther. Done in literally 5 minutes.

Check your mail too. :)

Tammy, Of course you can! She loves her cheeks rubbed.

Maricel, I should have called you over for dinner last night huh?

Fiwa, Noon time was great!

Ace C said...

Who the hell eats stuff like that. Get the fried food and meet at Coldstone Creamery.