Thursday, March 27, 2008

Diggin' It

My eye tends to be drawn to certain designs. Color combos. Structure. I didn't realize until last night what my latest kick is.

Apparently I am diggin' on lime green and paisley these days.

As evidenced by 2008 Easter cards and Jasmine's medication container.

Do you have something you're diggin' on these days?

I'm totally diggin' on some of the latest music selections, much to chagrin of my neighbors, too.

I'll write about said songs later on this week. I don't have my iPod with me right now and in the spirit of past blog entries, I'll list out the song and artist for ya'.

For now, I have to get back to work. The salt mine is calling my name. Don't you just hate that some days?

Oh and before I forget - A quick shout out to the Cougs. Kick some North Carolina butt tonight!

Peace and Love Peeps.


Monica said...

Yep...I have the total urge to make over my entire house in lime green and hot pink (with a little orange thrown in). Somehow I don't think it would go over good with the rest of the fam...

Ace C said...

Let me first comment on the Cougs reference...LMAO OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Secondly, you can't come visit, but you excess time to coordinate the cats meds. I think I see what her face is talking about. Damn you I say, Damy you!

And me some damn tunes lady. I can always use something new to listen to.

Cheryl said...

Very Lily Pulitzer of you. I love the combo. What's next?

fiwa said...

The cards you made are so cute - I love it!