Tuesday, June 17, 2008

12-4: Edited Post Hook Up

Remember Jeff?
My visitor last week who hooked me up with the savings, free Starz for a year, and the faster internet connection?
Well, today is the day, from 12 - 4, I get the faster internet service installed.
Don't you love how they give you a window of time like that?
I'm not complaining as I would rather have a window than a specific time stated and not met.
Honestly I am hopeful everything works out the way it should. I'm talking about the possibility of my internet and home phone not working.
Think about this for a moment.
The possibility of my home phone service being interrupted isn't that bad because I don't use it that much. My cell is the primary usage of communication.
If you take away my internet....oh! That will be painful. Of course I can still surf from my phone but I like the ease and comfort of doing so from my couch via the laptop or from the desktop.
What did we ever do before the invention of technology? I do remember but I like the convenience nowadays much more.
Here's to hoping I'm back up and running with no glitches post 4:00 PM, especially since Ace is in Vegas and won't be able to be my go to guy. Last time I had an issue he graciously stayed on the phone with customer service for me until it was fixed.
Ok, ok. I kinda' forced him to do so but he did it anyway because I'm inept like that and that is what friends are for. {Love you, Mean it}
Y'all send the vibes too ok? I believe in the power of collective prayer and vibes.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, my home # is staying the same. I am not sure about my email account. I'll be in touch if it changes and to let y'all know how this all works out.
Peace and Love Peeps.
UPDATE: So the creepy Comcast dude has come and gone. My wireless isn't up and running but will be soon enough. Thank you J-Lo for coming through for this girl! Well, you haven't yet but I know you will.
NOTE: J-Lo is a co-worker who is good with all the technical stuff I am not. He always comes through for me. I'm a very blessed girl to have such great people in my life.
Another great person in my life is Maricel. She just happened to be here when the creepy dude, who looks nothing like the people on the commercials, came a calling. She hung out with me until he was done and she had to go back to work. And she brought spicy chicken burritos to boot!
My email address has changed. {Sigh} I had a feeling it would. Personal emails will follow soon to those of you who have my current/pre-existing one. I don't know how much longer this one will be operational.
Please forgive me for leaving you once again. I need to air out my house and disinfect where he, the creepy Comcast dude named Jason, left his mark.


Brad said...

It's an on going battle with our guys. When I'm out and about town I'll stop buy a jobsite now and then just to see how things are going. I swear I have to go over 'the rules' in every serivce meeting.

Clean Uniform
No swearing on the jobsite

it goes on and on.

I even had to use the phrase 'knuckle-dragging misanthropes' the other day.

Yes, that was a good meeting. I'm proud of that. (not)

Ace C said...

Ok! I'm lost between your post and Brad's response someone please clue me in on what the hell is going on. First R. Kelly is free and now Monica and Brad are having a conversation about a blog post that isn't there. Is Tupac still alive?

fiwa said...

I'm glad you had peeps around to help you out with the wireless and keeping you company. I feel for you on the skanky installation dude - when we had the plumber working on our bathroom I had to febreeze the entire house after he left. Grody!

Cheryl said...

Are you up and running? Ewww to creepy guys in the house. What Fiwa said about Febreezing the house made me laugh.

Mo said...

I feel your pain.

Like I said before, Tupac and Biggie are alive. LOL

Febreeze rocks!

I am up and running on the desktop but not the wireless yet. J-Lo had a meeting today so we couldn't go shopping and do the set up.