Thursday, June 12, 2008

Effing A

I know I am not alone in this.
Some of you may even be paying more than I did this morning.
I just have to say $4.35 a gallon for regular gas is asinine! I have feeling it is only going to get worse as the days go on.
I draw the line at paying double this amount. If we hit those prices I will start telecommuting or walking to work.
With a day trip to Port Orchard today and Everett tomorrow, I more than likely will be filling up again by Saturday. Me no likey.
But I did get back $2100.00 from a customer today and have the honor of attending the Wub's graduation this evening. Tomorrow I will do a training class during a meeting.
Good times and worth the investment for business purposes but gosh darnit, $4.35?
And Brad and Fiwa, are you seeing all the po-po that are out and about too? I saw 7 before I even made it to the Narrows bridge this morning!
Effing A. That's my motto of the day so far...make me feel better, or worse, what are gas prices in your neighborhood?
Don't hold back. I wanna' know.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Creole Wisdom said...

Effin A is right... haha!

I am so happy I don't have a car and have to worry about paying for gas- it is so dang expensive-

Brad said...

They say $5 a gallon by July 4th. With six vans on the road it's hitting our business pretty hard.

Funny timing about the po-po. I just came back from getting lunch and a cop was parker of the shoulder covered by bushes. Lucky me I doing the speed limit. Unlucky lady in a beamer had got nabbed when I was on my way back. Johnny Law's been busy lately.

fiwa said...

I am with you sister! I was cussing out loud at the pump yesterday, because $4.36 a gallon just makes me SICK! Especially with oil companies posting record profits. When it hits $5 I'm going to ask about telecommuting a few days a week.

And yes, I have noticed a LOT of po-po around in the last few days. I didn't count on the way in, but I'd bet at least 5 between Federal Way and Bellevue.

kimmyk said...

gas prices here are 4.39. it sucks.

i could kick myself in the ass for leaving a job i walked to just last year. now my commute is 40 min. each way. not as bad as some, but more than i want to do now.

Cheryl said...

I'm thinking, 'what's po-po?' You learn something new every day. Gas is about $4.09 here, and I don't like it a bit!

JJP said...

Outrageous is right! I can't believe that. We're griping about 3.97 here in Va. My sympathies to ya.

Ace C said...

Someone is upset with the economy. You better write your conressman/woman.