Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Monday

Happy Monday y'all!
I hope your week is starting off on a good note.
Mine is.
The babies let me sleep until the alarm went off. Thank you baby Jesus as 5:45 AM is early enough. I guess feeding them around midnight last night did the trick.
The sun is shining around these parts today. The birds are singing and we're supposed to see a high of 72!
Jasmine and I shared a peach yogurt, OJ, and fresh pineapple smoothie.
Then as I was getting ready she decided she would go to one of her favorite spots these days. I think I have shared since she is feeling better she's back to climbing on things and in things.
Her favorites lately are on top of the printer, on top of the mantle, and here, inside of the left side of the entertainment center.
I like to think of this as her you can't see me; I am stealth kitty. Uh oh. My cover has been blown.
Hey now. If I assume the crouching tiger hidden dragon pose, I look like I belong here. Like I am part of the decorative elements. Yea, yea that's it. I'm a statue.
And then I turned around and found Princess chilling on one of her spots. She likes the arm of the couch. Don't you think the flowers accent her nicely? I wonder what was going through her mind. She looks very intense and dare I say scholarly?
In case you are wondering, the picture Jasmine is behind is a picture of my Mom in Stanley Park back in the day. The camera in front of her picture is the actual camera she is carrying/holding in the snapshot.

The longhorn picture is also a connection to Mom. We used to go for walks and along the way we would pass a field with a few longhorns. So viola, also back in the day, I took a picture.

I like to have it in my living room so I can see it and feel connected not only to my Mom but also to Texas. My roots are important to me, especially since I don't know very much of my family history, on either side. So what I do know, I honor and cherish.

How about you? Do you have items in your home connecting you to your past and/or to your loved ones who have passed on?

Oh and Cheryl, thank you for asking about the babies. They are doing much better through the miracles of modern medicine.

And yup, Mo is home based for the week! Happy Monday indeed!

And yet one more reason for a Happy Monday dance, my next door neighbor with the annoying dog who barked incessantly has moved out. Now I can only hope and pray I get someone nice and neighborly and who doesn't think I am a drug dealer or a lady of the evening.

I don't think I ever shared that with you did I? The short version is he thought, because of my ever changing schedule and the amount of people coming and going from my place, I was a dealer or a call girl.

Um, no. I quickly helped him to see the light once he told me that.

Anywho, I've rambled enough for now. Plus, work is calling my name.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad to hear the kitties are doing well. Thank goodness. My eye caught that old camera. My friend Kit has the same kind of displays at her house. My things are hidden from my siblings! Ha!

Oh, you must be so happy about the dog moving away. There's nothing worse than and annoying barking dog.

wendy said...

hey, mo!

I'm finally, finally catching up on blogs, I know. bad girl.

Anyways, wanted to drop by and say aloha, and you crack me up as usual. I dig the lists, seriously. I mean, you are really more OC than I am. (I leave off the D, because it is NOT a disorder)

I really need to get on board w/ the weekly challenges. And, did you move? I only read the last few posts, but for some reason I got the impression you are not a city girl anymore....did I mis-read?

Take care!

Mo said...

I just hope the puppy gets more loving than what I witnessed.

Welcome back to the land of blogging!

I like leaving the D off.

I'm still living in the burbs of Seattle. No moving for me.