Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday in Pictures

Images from my Monday, in no real particular order, with commentary of course.
Granny Smith and Fuji apples. Yum! I snack on these as well as juice them in the morning with a few maters, spinach, broccoli, and a carrot or two.

Don't knock it until you try it. I know it sounds gross but it's really good. Seriously. And more importantly, good for you.

My wilted flowers. The hydrangeas were the first to go.

This is where I am spending most all of my time these days; outside is cooler than inside.

When I am inside, this is one of the fans keeping us cool. Earlier today Princess was hogging it. I can't blame her. Not one bit.
The bag of goodies from Jasmine's fans. They truly do love her at the vet's office. One of the boarding technicians actually waited until we arrived so she could love on her for a moment or two even though her shift had ended twenty minutes prior to our appointment. Sunshine in a vase; great on salads, fish, in a glass of water, and of course in a margarita.
This is my summa' time in the car look. See not only does my home not have ac, my car doesn't either! So when it's hot, the windows are down, the hair is pulled back, and mother nature does her thing with me. Or should I say to me?You don't realize how loud 18 wheelers are until they pass you on the highway, going at least 60, and your windows are down. Organic baby spinach, mushroom, grape tomato with a little bit of Tuscan Romano Basil dressing (Bountifuls new from Wishbone) and fresh ground black pepper always hits this girl's spot.

Tomorrow I find out if the tape can come off of the broken toe.

If you look in the background closely you can see something else taking over indoors. Cat hair y'all. My poor babies are shedding something fierce. I can't keep up with them right now. A new stamp I picked up today that fits the bill and sums up my state of mind currently.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Monica said...

That salad looks SO good....

fiwa said...

We ate our dinner outside and sat out there for a long time last night, because in the shade it was very pleasant.

I hope the tape is coming off today!

Life IS good.

Cheryl said...

Yup, life is good. I need to do some stamping one of these days.

Ace C said...

Just watched Take Home Chef and they made a salad similar to that. You should go on that site and look it up. Looks like something that would have been up your alley.