Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You're Awesome!

Words spoken at least five times in about fifteen minutes this evening.
There I was. Alone. In the dark. Drinking an ice cold beer and watching the game. {Thank you baby Jesus for letting the Lakers pull it out this evening.}
It's near the end of the third quarter. I hear a knock on my door. I remove myself from the couch, check the peephole, and notice it looks like someone I know so I open the door.
Turns out it's not someone I know. It's some college kid. I now know him as Jeff, the frat boy from Washington State (Go Cougs!), who is over here for the summer, living in an apartment in Auburn, and recently was the victim of a crime (his radio and GPS were stolen from his car). Oh, and his momma taught him to take off his shoes before entering someone's home and last summer he was in Victoria, Texas doing the same thing he's doing this summer.
Yes y'all. I got all of that information, and the fact he was rooting for the Celtics, in all of a fifteen minute span, if even that.
See, Jeff came calling to offer me a better deal on my cable, phone, and internet service. I will now be saving about $600.00 bucks a year, will have faster internet, and also will be getting Starz free for a year.
What did Jeff get out of the deal? Commission and the ability to watch the last quarter of the game with me, the most awesome female in all of the land. Hey now, those were his words.
He was very thankful to have knocked on my door since he did get to watch the first two games and out of all the doors he knocked on, I was the only home with the game on during his sales calls tonight. You can't really watch games 1 and 2 and not 3 can you?
And you know, how awesome is it that a female is not only watching the game by herself but is drinking a beer, offered him a glass of water, and "invited" him to stay and watch the last three minutes of the game since his shift was over anyway?
Yea, that's me. Awesome.
All in all, I believe I got the better end of the deal.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

I think your awesome, but I'd rather watch paint dry then watch organized sports.

Are you home love? The weather's still spanking us here.

Bear sends you a grunt and a lick.

fiwa said...

Heehee... I'm with Brad. You're awesome, but no sports for me either.

A good experience AND he saved you money, can't beat that.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo, what you and Jeff got planned for the weekend Mrs. Robinson?

Cheryl said...

You are awesome! You made a memory for Jeff that he won't forget, and you saved a ton of money to boot. I'm not a sports fan either. Sorry. I can't even stand to hear it in the background on TV.

Ace C said...

this only happens to you!

Ace C said...

What the hell is wrong with Brad. Organized sports my ass. What's better? Hmmmmmmmm?

Mo said...

Aww, Thanks Brad, Fiwa. and Cheryl!

Tina, Crazy girl. I do have some standards and morals. LOL :)

Ace, Why is that do you think? I seem to attract some crazy stuff in my life don't I?